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Sensual Encounters

Oooo - this is the fun part!  I offer a number of enticing adventures for you to choose from.  A few things to keep in mind:  some experiences are available for returning friends only and donations increase after 8 PM.  As requested, an option to donate in advance is now available. 


And I thought you might enjoy knowing that 5% of proceeds are donated to charities and organizations that are close to my heart and support my most cherished values.  Recent contributions include: GreenPeace, Friends of Animals, and a scholarship that supported participation in a spiritual retreat.  So thank you on behalf of everyone!  


Also, I absolutely adore travel!  I've included a page with ENTICING SENSUAL ADVENTURES AND DETAILS.  I hope you enjoy the selection here.  Visit my CONTACT PAGE when you have found the experience that is perfect for you!  If you have interests beyond what I have listed here, do please inquire once we have gone through the screening process.  Thank you!   See you soon lover!

Sensation Time (Sensual Rub-Down) ~~~

Experience my own unique and enticing blend of sensuality, eroticism, and passionate attentions.  I invite you to be my canvas; let relaxation and stimulation dance over you as you savor sensual energy in a serene atmosphere.  Experience new erotic heights.  My style is soft, slow, sensual, erotic, delicious and above all...passionate.  


~ Available early morning until 9 PM most days (add $100 per hour after 9 PM) ~

60 minutes outcall ~ $400

90 minutes outcall ~ $575

2 hours outcall ~ $725

Ultimate Companion ~~~

Seeking to take it to the next level?  This experience entwines both of our sensual energies for a more intimate encounter and mutual exploration. Fully immerse yourself in erotic, intense, luscious sensuality...
~ Available early morning until 9 PM most days (add $100 per hour after 9 PM) ~
60 minutes outcall ~ $600
90 minutes outcall ~  $800
2 hours outcall ~  $1000

Greek excursions (for returning friends only) ~ add $300

The Perfect Afternoon or Evening In ~~~

I can't think of a more perfect way to get to really enjoy each other.  After a blissful hour of my Ultimate Companion session - don't bother getting up.  Instead, snuggle in with me and let's watch a movie in bed together.  Bask in the afterglow, relax, snuggle, soak up some serious petting...all while watching a favorite movie. 


What will it be?  Action-adventure?  Sci-fi?  Rom-com?  There are so many great movies to choose from!  Sensuous snacks might find their way into the scene as well. 


A beautiful heaven!  $1000 

Delicious in Sooo Many Ways:  Lunch or Dinner Date ~~~

Let's take all of our senses on the ultimate adventure!  Includes an hour of Ultimate Companion and up to two hours social time for lunch or dinner.  There are so many amazing restaurants out there to choose from - endless pleasures await. 


Culinary delights can be enjoyed before or after dessert!  Your choice!   $1000

Superlatively Sensual Slumber Party (12 Hours Overnight) ~~~

After a stunning evening together, fall asleep contemplating the bliss and perfection of union...wake up to another celebration of these glorious bodies that we inhabit.  Such a perfect way to start the day.  Do you adore mornings as much as I do...?  $2500 


($150 each additional hour or as per agreed upon) (over 9 PM addition mentioned above does not apply for this session)

Social Companion ~~~

1 hour ~  $200
2 hours ~ $350
3 hours ~ $525

It would be a pleasure to join you for dinner, a visit to the art museum, take in a symphony together, or enjoy many of the other wonderful attractions that the area has to offer.  This may be combined with the options above for a most memorable time together.

Non-Sensual Offerings ~~~

I have a total passion for supporting spiritual growth, raising our consciousness, and helping us to move out of unhealthy patterns of relationships, health issues, limiting belief systems, and disconnection from spirit.  If you are interested in powerful, life-changing sessions and programs, check out these offerings - they are a totally different flavor than what you see here on this page.  Well worth your attention though!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Ultimate Companion

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