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Life Is Just A Fantasy

Below is a compilation of fantasies.  I thought you might enjoy reading them as much as I do.  It feels wonderful to be complimented in such a way.  It is an honor and a blessing to  have inspired so much passion and affection.

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~~ Your natural talent for intimacy and sensual pleasure took my breath away. It was a pleasure/inspiration to be in the company of a person who explores and builds a life around beauty, tactile experience and the realm of the senses.

~~ I highly recommend Star to anyone interested in a passionate and very sensual encounter with a very articulate lady.  Star is one of the most sensuous ladies I have ever met. From the very beginning my visit with her was one of pure physical sensation.
~~ Her profile said "all my appointments are tantra now" (or it did). That doesn't mean training, or breathing exercises or some position. What it meant to me is there is such feeling, such fullness and such emotion in her touch that you palpably feel it not just ON your skin but IN your being. For me, that felt different on different occasions but was definitely what I needed to fully enter into bliss. I've left physically drained but emotionally charged.
Finally, on the sensual side, she has taken me places and made my body respond in ways no other ever has. This has fulfilled some long anticipated desires. She has concretely demonstrated the limitless possibilities one can achieve - WOW!  Thank you Star for your time and undivided attention. You are one of the most beautiful people I've met.  JM
~~ I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing an erotic adventure of the senses and spirt with Star during her Sacred Tantric Ultimate Companion Session. It was a beautiful afternoon I will never forget. Petite and beautiful Star guided me through a Supernova of energy and emotion that rocked my world.

Full disclosure: I have seen Star many times over the years. I have had the good fortune of experiencing most of her offerings including her Sensual Healing Session which is incredible experience if you have not had the opportunity to try it. Each session has employed her slow, sensual, and highly seductive style. Each have been unique, fresh, very hot and above all sensual. I would recommend her for any of them.

Tantric expressions and techniques have always been part of her sessions, but when I saw that she had developed a session focused on these elements I was committed to setting up a date. I have often wondered about the world of spiritual sexuality and this seemed like a great opportunity to dip my toe in the water.

I scheduled a 90 minute session followed by an hour of ”social time” afterwards so we could wrap ourselves up in a blanket and simply enjoy the beautiful afterglow. There is something magical that happens when two steamy and spent bodies relax in a tangled embrace and enjoy the shared energy that had consumed them. The shear bliss and connection that takes place when Star is in your arms, talking about the wonder and mystery that brought us together to share a moment in time, cannot be understated. It is awesome. For me, it completes with whole experience.

I won’t go into all the details of our adventure but I can tell you it was at a whole new level. The slow and erotic start. The sharing of mutual pleasure. The progressive build. The soft whispers of instruction as she brings your breath and focus into a place of expansion. The relentless rhythmic patterns of our bodies building and relaxing. The blissful agony of riding one wave of pleasure after another. Building the last wave until every cell in my body exploded in a unified response that left my body trembling. Like I said, a whole new level.

As always, no two sessions are the same. Your experience may be different than mine, but mine was epic. Star is beautiful, smart and so very sexy. She is very comfortable in her own skin and really knows how to use it. Time with her is like no other. For me, the entire outside world fades away and it feels all existence is just for the two of us. If you are lucky enough to spend time with her, perhaps your world may fade away as well.

Thank you Start for a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to do it again. JP
~~ I'll do my best to avoid cheesy astronomical phrases but a series of events lead to a perfect opportunity to meet up with Star in a special location. I took her up on her 'Sensual Adventures' offering and arranged a couple nights in an area with zero light pollution that was perfect for observing the cosmos. Sharing this time with someone as beautiful and personable as Star was an experience that went beyond my expectations. I try to search within the hobby for as much of an authentic experience as possible and Star delivers. She is grounded, honest and easy to talk with which naturally spills into the intimate moments for an enhanced experience. Much gratitude Star and I'll see you down the road. BN
~~As she has stated, soft, slow and sensual is Star's style, and adoration is truly what she gives. I enjoyed every moment of my time with her, and was able to make the most of it, from her incredible, angelic introduction and [edit].  Gentlemen, if you have been looking for a woman who can make you feel the spark of excitement that comes with real, shared intimacy, you will find it with Star. As so many other reviewers have so eloquently written before me, she is very special, and you will know so by the way she makes you feel when you are with her! Treat her well! Thank you, Star.  I'll be in touch.  MM
~~Star is simply an amazing person who I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to lanquish in her presence and be transported into her incredible world. She has a unique gift for making you feel special. Wanted. Desired. Appreciated. Alive. Refreshed. Her world is a special place that exists somewhere between fantasy and ecstasy. Time spent in her world is life shaking. When I am with her, it makes me feel alive and young again. As the pressure of our daily lives take over our souls, it is easy to get lost and forget why life is so exhilarating. Being with Star is like jumping from a plane or bungee jumping, or peeling off that sportscar roof and driving the autobahn at 160 mph. It refreshes the soul, and fills all of your senses with passion and meaning. Perhaps I have just found somebody that I can mesh with. Somebody who I connect with and who can truly understand me. However, my sense is that this is not the case. I can truly connect with Star (and I believe she can connect right back), but I believe Star has the unique ability to immerse herself into who she is with. She allows herself to become one with who she is with at the moment. She opens up her inner self and allows you in to a very special place. She freely shows you what an incredible person she is inside, and that translates to the outer experience. Each time I have seen her, has been a unique experience. She doesn't follow a set plan. She is very sensitive to what you are feeling and allows the time together to flow naturally, not rehearsed or staged.  To rest in her arms is to find true peace.  I have chosen to see Star again and again. If an experience with her were my last, I could die a happy, fulfilled man. Thank You J for being such an incredible lover and friend. I cherish the time we have spent together. James
~~ This is my third review of Star and even though I will continue to see her again and again, this will probably be my last review of her. I'm just not smart enough to come up with new and different adjectives to describe how wonderful spending time with her can be. She is sexy, energetic, exciting, intense, fun and has the innate ability to make you feel better about yourself with the passion she displays. If I could find a way to bottle her sexual energy, I would be a gazillionaire. However, there's no way it could be a tangible product because it's beyond anything that can be described or manufactured. She rocked my world during our visit.. there's no other way to convey it. If you participate in this hobby for new experiences at a different level than you've ever had before then Star should be the next contact you make. There is no possible way you could be disappointed. Rump
~~ Without going into all the details, I will say that she is one of the most erotic women I have ever met and my experience with her was incredible. If you want to see a true gem in Portland then make sure you contact her. Thanks Star! Rump (another lovely encounter!)
~~...And at the risk of preaching to the choir that have already sung to beautiful Star's fine talents, I must say this is one most erotic and accomplished women I have ever been with. Days after the experience I still get tinges of pleasure thinking about her. Thank you. El Piola
~~ I liken my evening with Star to the tango -- the only thing missing, an Astor Piazzola soundtrack. Each move, each touch, each pause, each change in direction, each shift of emphasis was wordlessly intuited and creatively, sensually played off of - subtly, dramatically, and with smoldering intensity. There are times - usually merely as observers - when we experience true artistry. I can still remember the first time: in my 11th year watching Willie Mays send a high fly ball into the bleachers beyond left field in Candlestick Park. And as he rounded first base, just yards from where I was seated in awe of him, I knew I was witnessing greatness. And I've had moments during concerts when the sheer audacious beauty of a performer's musicianship brings an involuntary gasp of appreciation from the audience. Well, upon leaving after a few hours together with Star, I realized that I had been treated to a rare event: I had been afforded the opportunity to [experience] a young woman who is a subtle master of the sensual arts, at the very pinnacle of her craft. Vic
~~This isn't as much a review as a salutation! The entire experience was marvelous. No problems connecting. Great conversationalist.  Everything about the experience was genuine. Star is a magnificent companion. I could not believe how natural everything felt. It was as if I had known her for some time. I can't say enough wonderful things about her.  Can't wait to see ya again! Sam
~~ She has a perfect, toned little body that I could gaze on for hours. She has also perfected (yes, in my mind perfected) truly adoring a man. She has an exquisite way of building me up slowly...  Her hair flowing over my most sensitive parts, and teasing with near touches, touching the periphery of the center of sensitivity, all the while making these tantalizing little noises. The ultimate in Sensation Time, plus so much more.
~~ Star is very special to me, we've met nearly 40 times and I've come to appreciate the wonderful person she is and treasure our conversations and deepening connection over time. Star loves travel and adventures and is the perfect girlfriend for a day to do something exciting with. Our latest adventure was a skydiving date, we were both celebrating recent achievements in our lives and it was wonderful to celebrate together by skydiving. In case you are wondering, Star is exactly the same person in a public setting as she is in private, fun loving, easy to talk to, interesting, intriguing, sexy. And the same squeaks and giggles of delight you hear in private occur in public as well, when she's enjoying a meal or activity. So cute!
Star had packed an amazing lunch for us, and we sat at the picnic tables at the airstrip to eat and talk. It was all very healthy food, undoubtedly how she keeps her incredible figure.
She tells me how someone asked her a question about her "husband", she played along. It felt young again, amazed that someone might actually believe I could attract such a young, hot wife.
When I'm with Star in public I'm so proud, I feel like "Ya, she's with me". For her part, she is very affectionate, resting her head on my shoulder, holding hands, leaning over to tell me she's not wearing any panties!
~~ The most natural, fun and relaxing experience I can ever remember on a first date!

I'm so glad I chose the "Perfect Afternoon In" for our first date; we needed the longer time to enjoy those much anticipated moments of pure pleasure . . . indeed we did!

The first glimpse. The first kiss. The first moment of caressing each other's body. What a dream come true! Her constant loving murmurs and laughs were a real turn-on, and completely eliminated any thoughts of her faking her enjoyment of me. I actually don't think she is capable of pretending anything.

Soon after I arrived, business being taken care of, I loosened my tie, where-after she led me by the hand to her bed. She then solved my overdressed state and encouraged me to relax with her. As we lay together reveling, "finally here", was our only thought. Kisses and more kisses led to removing her bra and ravishing her breasts, to her moans of pleasure - so hot! Reciprocating, she kissed and nibbled her way to my most sensitive member. The "boys and their commander" were in heaven as she lovingly fondled them with her tongue and hands. Can it get any better I thought?

Yes, it got better! How can I say it - at my age, there is nothing better than being truly desired and wanted. And that was my experience. So we decided to cuddle and watch a movie in bed; a first for me. We laughed our way through half of "How Harry Met Sally", when I spontaneously turned to Star, removed her glasses and wanted her; let the foreplay continue. Soon, she skillfully covered me and the rodeo began in earnest. Oh, what a ride we had!

Spent and fully satisfied, we continued our pillow talk, feeding each other from the fruit and chocolate dish she'd thoughtfully provided, while we finished the movie. It was her natural, sensual, "I want you" way of connecting with me over time and in the moment that shall forever be my unforgettable afternoon memory.

Very reluctantly, I made myself ready to leave. A shower was made available and as I got back to dress, I noticed she had laid my clothes neatly out - such class from this lover! A parting kiss and I was off. "Did this just happen?", I thought to myself. Yes, it did!

I encourage anyone considering Star for a date, spend time studying her website. Her blog will have you hot and bothered with her sensual poems and musings. If you consider yourself one who cherishes women, study this one thoroughly, treat her with the respect she deserves, and you will be rewarded 10 times over.

Thank you, my dear, for the best afternoon I could imagine having. One more kiss for you. ~RJ
~~ Star is very well organized and is able to schedule over a month in advance. I wanted to have more of a social date with her and she was more than happy to accommodate.  She chose where to go for lunch since I didn't know the area or the kinds of food she enjoyed. It was great talking with her and getting to know the adventures she has had.  After lunch and some frozen yogurt we went back to her place for dessert.  Star is a very sensual, sexy woman and an incredible kisser. You really should go see her! ~ GD
~~ Star meets you at the front door with a very sensual kiss and hug. Oh my!!!! We retired into her playroom and continued kissing and evolved into other fun activities. She loves Oral both giving and receiving, just so much fun and the intimacy is off the charts.  She is kind, extremely intelligent and knows how to have a great time. My only regret is not spending more time with her.  Star is more than a poet.  ~ DS
~~ The one thing that stood out is that she’s a very good reader of you and your body! She was able to do a lot of teasing without the fireworks going off to soon and I really appreciated that.  After everything was done, we laid in bed and just chatted it up before I needed to leave and was able to fit in a quick shower.  Star absolutely loves what she does and the fact that she provides a service based on individual needs, takes her over the top!  Thank you Star!! Until the next time!! ~ DT
~~ I've had the pleasure of Star's company many times over the years, and always return for her kindness, responsiveness, and the exquisite sensuality she exudes.  From the moment the door opens, she focuses on pleasure that intensifies as the minutes pass. Her overwhelmingly positive reviews show that she's honed her craft of providing passion, giving and receiving totally and unselfishly.  First kiss to last goodbye, the experience always is memorable--clearly why she has repeat, happy clientele. A Portland gem, who only gets better with time.
~~ We need to invent some new adjectives because the ones we have just don't do Star justice. My time with her was a beautiful and engaging experience. I will try my best to capture it with words...

I set up a date with Star about two weeks in advance. It says something right away that she's able to commit to a date that far away. Communication was spectacular as we emailed right up until the day. She was exactly on time, too. She greeted me fondly with an embrace and deep kiss. Were we just meeting for the first time? It didn't feel like it. She looks absolutely amazing. Everything about her is gorgeous and body is so toned. I wanted to touch all of her all at once!

I showered and then she showed me to her bedroom. From there we shared a slow and erotic exploration of each other. Every inch of her begs to touched and she felt magical against my body and in my hands, from her hair to her toes. She makes it easy to be passionate. We shared constant kisses and a constant connection. I thought I was slow, but when it was my turn to receive she truly showed me the meaning sensual. Tender kisses, light caresses, and the most intense and wonderful oral exploration I've ever received. That is something I'll never forget... and the way she makes eye contact throughout.. These are memories I'll keep forever!

She then said she couldn't wait anymore and we took it to the next level. She is so tight wow! But we fit perfectly in several ways until enjoying a rousing climax that left me gasping and smiling and happy and feeling so great. After, we laid in each others arms for awhile chatted for the first time (there really was very little talking before this haha).

Thank you, Star, for a truly amazing experience! ~ TB
~~ Met Star recently for an afternoon getaway, and what an amazing lady. There are a couple words that describe her perfectly:
1. Sensual (its right in her name)
2. Passion
3. Attentiveness

The deal-breaker for me in any encounter is your partner is just not "present". Whether that means going through the motions, watching the clock, or just checking boxes, one can just tell if your partner is not 100% into the engagement. Star, unequivocally, is the most passionate connection I have had on the board in a long time. Her eye contact, soft moans, attention to your every move, makes her an amazing partner. She will take the lead, but she will also just lay back and enjoy your exploration of her beautifully toned body.

Communication was excellent, timely and prompt. I called her my little tigress, and what a fitting definition that is. I don't think our mouths left each other the entire engagement. It won't be long, and I'll be looking for my next adventure with Star. Absolutely gorgeous partner. Cheers!! ~ Qel
~~ I had a dream on a very chilly day, the other day, and am still feeling a glow today from it.
I have previously extolled the virtue of Star, she has an aura of extreme sensuality
that will engulf you from the moment you arrive. ~ MM
~~ She's back from her world travels!! Wow, looking so good, feeling so good. Star is in my experiences the most erotic woman I have been with and it keeps getting better each time. She will slowly - erotically kiss, tease, nibble, and suck her way to your total nirvana. Thanks Babe. ~ MM
~~ Star is the unattainable girl next door sensual goddess you always dreamed about. ~ CP
~~ Our second visit was filled with more passion and chemistry than our first! I didn't think that was possible. ~ FT
~~ Star led me again in another blissful exploration of the world of sensuality. ~ JB
~~ I have a fetish for small petty beautiful women and Star fits all those categories! This meeting was so meant to be that we ended up with matching outfits, lol.. hers being way better than mine though! She had a certain way of looking so innocent and beautiful but can scold you with those smoldering eyes! I don't indulge is this hobby on a regular basis so I was nervous but Star had a certain way with her charm to calm the inner beast! Felt like a life time being with her in my arms! Star was a willing host that know the ways of the adult activities that can cure the hunger for human interaction of the adult variety! If you love small, beautiful women then Star is you ultimate cure for that! Thank you Star for giving me you time of day and sharing a small part of yourself with me! I feel as though my words alone could not describe or give you enough credit for being the person that you are! hope to share many more moments with you as you are such a beautiful person! ~ PC
~~ When she arrived, I was stunned. She is absolutely gorgeous, and the pics don't all. Thin, beautiful
smile, and oozing sensuality (the name is well earned). We talked for a bit and she excused herself to freshen
up. I had grabbed a drink, and when I came back, she was there waiting wearing a shirt, and the tiniest of
lingerie.  Nice kisses soon followed, then a rather intense **** that made me think I was going to pass out. A soft light touch with periodic deep dives, that pushed to the edge then pulled back. After a bit of time, some ****, which was very enjoyable. Moved on to ****, but due to the workup, sadly I didn't last as long as would have preferred, but was very enjoyable.  We talked a bit after before cleaning up and Star headed on her way. I can't speak highly enough about her. You should absolutely reach out to her and meet. She's worth it. ~ WL

~~ I paused to take a breath and whisper the word "wow", looking into my eyes she softly responds "mmm hmmm" ....then we resumed our beautiful dance.... so natural, so perfect. Even though we had just met, it seems we were very familiar with each other, like we were already very close, as if we were lovers in a different life.... Everything flowed so naturally, so sensually, and we fit together so perfectly...  Star, It's been about a week, and you still haunt my consciousness almost constantly, in the most beautiful way. I cannot wait to see you again, somehow/ some way...
Your beautiful poetry inspires. I'm no poet but I think this is haiku:

Sensually Star
Long Slow Passionate Kissing
Afternoon Delight
~~ I could get carried away very easily writing this review. ....she is totally dynamite & amazing to the max. To know her is an honor and I am super grateful that our paths have crossed. I intend to see many happy returns with her as a good friend, a great connection in spirit, and pleasures beyond description.

I have wanted to meet Star for quite a while, it finally happened, and it was an adventure in paradise. ...she completely blew me away. Star has to be one of the sexist women on Earth. From the moment I met her I was mesmerized by her beauty, the way she moved, and spellbound in her grasp. Her body art fits her perfectly...accentuates, beautiful, erotic,...forming her and her being as a complete work of art. And inside me the lion roared. I was thunder struck and transported instantly into Heaven. She is absolutely beautiful.

Upon arrival the door opened, I slid in, it closed, and I was greeted by a gorgeous goddess with beautiful smile, long flowing hair, a gentle kiss, and hugged with the embrace of a rockin' body wearing a 2 piece outfit that left little to my imagination. She felt and looked absolutely amazing.

I showered, wrapped in a towel, and soon folded into inviting arms delivering many amazing kisses, ...gentle, passionate, electric, my wandering hands finding pleasurable and exciting places... Her soft hand takes mine with an unbelievably sexy smile, and slowly leads me up a set of stairs. I follow the wildest picture of my dreams to a soft bed and a wonderfully appointed room. My heart is pounding. She turns to me, garments fall to the floor, I am increasingly dazed by her body and anticipation of things to come. Magically I found myself on a bed, a pillow behind my head, ... slow teasing caresses and beautiful eyes look up at me ...I increasingly become breathless as I am being engulfed and taken into a world of many different fantastic pleasures. Pure ecstasy is found in every moment of many embraces and exploration.

Abundant with delicious delights all my senses are filled with Star. There is a virtual cornucopia of pleasures being released with a natural erotic flow and I am totally lost with lust as I plunder in her Universe. The final impact of the inevitable explosion can only be described as Going Super Novae with all the colors of the rainbow .... an epic experience with a vision before me that rocked my world to the core.

Right now I am undeniably forming a plan to return. "Wow" is by far, way too small a word to describe her. But in a word, if one word is needed, "Star" is perfect. The aftermath of my visit with her left me in a giant nebulous glow. And I am not going to let it fade too far. ~ RR
~~ I had another encounter with one of Portland's celestial stars. This fantasy was above a level that was previously set very high. Star has a way about her that is beyond GF*, better. The physical was outstanding, as it has been every time, but the mental connection is something I have rarely encountered. ~ MM
~~ After hearing many wonderful things about Star, I knew I had to reach out to her and ask to get together. I completed the screening process and sent it off to her. She responded by email and we set the appointment.

I arrived at her incall, which is an awesome place! As I approached the door, it opened and I stepped into the entry hall of this great old house. Standing in front of me was Star. Beautiful smile and petite frame, long brownish red hair. She was draped in see through black lingerie and matching panties and bra. We embraced and exchanged soft sensual kisses.  She took my hand and led me up to her bedroom which was more like entering into a five star luxury mountain resort room. Dark wood floors, candles, large amazingly soft bed and plush bedding and pillows.

We again embraced and began kissing and our hands began exploring eachother. This was a soft, slow and relaxing...soothing beginning to our time together. I removed her bra and she, my shirt. Our bare skin now brushing against one another as our hands continued to wander and remove whatever clothing remained. Naked, with my lips still kissing hers, i laid her down gently on the bed. What a beautiful body, an amazing site there in front of me, exposed and inviting...reaching out to me to come back to her lips. And so i did...but not before kneeling down and opening her legs wide kissing, licking, tasting and pleasing her. As her moans grew in intensity and passion, so did I. I wanted to keep going but knew there was much more to experience and so I climbed up to her, kissing her tight little tummy, her breasts, her neck and her lips. Then I laid down next to her and she did to me as I to her kissing my lips, my neck, my not so tight not so little tummy and finally taking me in her mouth. Wow! Star has the greatest sense of touch and is so precisely in tune with erotic zones and knows exactly what where and how to touch and kiss...this is a different kind of experience. She sets the standard for sensuality and truly lives up to her name.  Star is amazing. Every detail, every consideration and every effort is made to create an experience that is unique and inviting from the moment of contact to the moment you part ways. Thank you Star for making me feel so special and appreciated. A truly one of a kind experience. ~ WG
~~ Imagine walking to the house, heart thumping, approaching the door, about to knock, and then the door swings open, just wide enough for you to step in. You can't see her until you're inside, and there she is, close to you, in a black negligee, on tall, black heels, beautiful and radiant, smiling. She wraps her arms around you, pulls you to her, her face lifts up, and she kisses you, a soft, long kiss. "Hello, she says. It's so good to see you again." And it is.

She takes you by your hand, and leads you upstairs to her bedroom. You stand by the bed and again you hug, but this time her body presses harder against yours, as if you are what she wants more than anything. What other place or time could you possibly prefer than this moment. You kiss, this time with heat. Your hand glides down her back and further, and presses her even closer. The heat rising, she pulls herself away and undresses, then she undresses you, and gently pushes you onto the bed, where you lie back on the bunch of pillows, leaning back, unbelieving. She hovers over you, then lets her body brush against yours, and slides downward, and your skin, touching her skin, along the length of both your bodies, trembles at the sensation.

And this is just the beginning. To see what happens next, you just have to see her. You won't be disappointed, because there is nobody more sensual. ~ JB
~~ Star’s Philosophy:
Let's explore eroticism.
Let's give in to passion and longing.
Let's experience greater depths of pleasure.
Let me show you the true meaning of sensuality.
Let yourself go.
Let me take you there...

Yes, this humble mortal was taken there, and his dream fulfilled!  Thank you, Star.  Reading of her poetry is such a prelude and aphrodisiac.  Star has the perfect body, and the most beautiful and vibrant body arts.  For the hour, I became Louis XVI, and was totally under the spell of Marie Antoinette!  ~ LP
~~ This was my second visit with Star. I did not write a review after the first date because I questioned how an experience so physically and emotionally satisfying could be anything but a random event. Thus, I decided that I needed to see her again to validate our first encounter.

Star is a great communicator and there is no drama or angst in putting together a date.  As many have commented, Star eliminates those initial hobbyist nerves by taking command immediately upon entering her home, and it is difficult to engage in much chit-chat when solidly embraced by a beautiful woman who is putting your lips to other more satisfying activities. From there, it is a whirlwind experience with a woman whose passion and skills are almost impossible to believe or describe. My guess is that few men have ever had a girlfriend or wife who could match Star's combination of sensuality and electricity, all while making you feel that you are truly cared for as a human being. For those concerned about menus, Star is pure GF* as best I can tell, but as has been noted before, time with Star is not about checking off menu items, but a much deeper personal connection with a very special woman.

Provided she will have me, I hope to see Star many more times in the future. ~ GM
~~ I'm not saying the account below really happened, and I'm not saying it didn't happen.  The nice thing about Star is, even though she's too beautiful for words, she presents as warm and welcoming, and even thankful for the opportunity to be with you.

I contacted Star through the form on her website. She very promptly emailed me backl. For some reason, I didn't expect her to be so approachable. It was easy setting up a meeting, and there were a few flirty emails between setting the appointment and actually meeting that made the anticipation all the sweeter.  While I was waiting for our encounter, I read through quite a bit of Star's poetry (very sensual - read "My Perfect Tease" and try not to come to attention - I dare you), and reviewed her pictures (shudder)... more than once.

The day of our meeting, I arrived promptly... I wasn't going to be a minute late because my expectations were pretty high. As I walked across the porch, the front door opened and I stepped inside. Star was waiting behind the door dressed in some very provocative undergarments. After excusing myself for a moment to freshen up, she took my hand and led me upstairs.  Let me just say that from the moment I arrived until the moment I drove away, Star fulfilled my deepest desires. I especially liked the little noises she made, encouraging me to keep doing what I was doing, and how into the experience she seemed to be. Several gents referred to Star as an incredible GF*, and I concur. If you haven't seen her yet, you owe it to yourself to enjoy her company. I will be back for more, and savoring sweet memories in the mean time.  ~ TS
~~ From the moment the door opens to the moment you leave, Star left me spell bound and an explosion of sensuality for every sense. An ultimate GF* par none...not much is left to be said after all the reviews. ~ DD
~~ My encounter with Star was unbelievable. First of all, if i ever had a GF that attentive I would think that God is real. Star was just so much more then I would have ever expected a GF* to be. I asked her for a sexy outfit and she delivered. She looked so sexy - yummy. When she open the door, I had nothing to complain about. She put me to ease right away and we kissed DFK all the way up to her bed room. She is very attractive, slim, great hips, beautiful smile, face, hair and she smells so good. Besides her ** is out of sight! She actually is all in and her body language is all to real with the moans of sheer ecstasy. She is spiritual in a good way and did i say that I like her erogenous poetry? Go read her blog. its crazy good. Anyway I let her take control and I enjoyed the ride. I loved it. This lady is phenomenal. My fantasy would be to have her all to myself. Needless to say, i will see her more often. She rocked my world more than just once, if you know what I mean. Go see her and enjoy a real GF* for once. She is so real, its just scary awesome. I will definitely repeat. ~ MR
~~ There is absolutely nothing not to like about Star from her DFK greeting, to her slim and sexy body, to her vocal sexual sensuality this woman has it all.  She greets you at the door ready to play; *** provides the entree to a sensual smorgasbord including **** with much appreciative vocal encouragement, a heavenly **** that is divinely delivered, a rambunctious ** capped off with an explosive **. In the aftermath, Star is an interesting and arresting conversationalist. After our encounters I am star-struck.  ~ ZT
~~ Best door greeting ever! She greeted me with a big smile and started kissing me deeply with light moans of pleasure. I had been nervous before the session, but this immediately put me at ease. Our kissing progressed to the point where it felt like she couldn't wait for more and she responded vocally to every part of her body I touched. It was as if she was sexually charged and waiting for a spark.

She paused long enough to lead me up to her comfortable bedroom where she slowly undressed both of us while never missing a beat with the constant DFK. She truly knows the secret to sensuality starts with the lips and tongues and doesn't hold back. In fact she just soaks it in. Soon we were laying on the bed and she laid back and relaxed as I enjoyed taking my time on her. Her response was so positive, I didn't want to stop, but after awhile (I lost all sense of time) she told me she wanted to switch roles and began to sensually tease and lick and suck me to full arousal. She was amazing at sensing how far to take me without pushing me over the edge. ...I was so caught up in the sensuality of the moment. ...I came away from this experience not only feeling satisfied, but actually feeling like I was savored. She is truly a star.  ~ CJ
~~ She looks even more amazing than her pictures. We said hello then, she attacked with incredible amounts of passion and sensuality. I felt like I was in the middle of one of her erotic stories. This was just the start of our session, it got even better with every passing second.

Star is amazing; she made me feel like we had a connection from the first time we communicated.  ~ GD
~~ I was intrigued with Star's ad with tasteful pics of a taut, tight tummy, wide hips, and her erotic poetry. And, at 37, I presumed she was experiencing freshly the golden age of female sexuality. True sensuality is such a fleeting thing, a window into the steamy id of the soul, and such a subjective, idiosyncratic combination of self-indulgent hedonism that demands multidimensional, strong internal triggers on both sides, the giver and the receiver. Spending time with someone internally motivated enough to write (extensive) erotic poetry promised to be anything but a wham-bam-thank-you-sir service.

Contact and communication through email was quick, sure, reassuring, and complete. 
...Once inside the door closed and exposed Star who immediately embraced (attacked....gently) me with two weapons against which I have no defense: tasteful lingerie which showcased her lithe, tight figure and soft, alabaster skin.....and the softest, warmest, velvet, sucking deep kiss I have ever experienced as a “hello!” .

To be honest I was (temporarily) put slightly off balance by the immediacy of the intimate, dripping sexuality without even getting a look at her face and eyes. Ah.....sensuality......we each, even highly motivated providers and clients, have our own triggers and receptors. I had walked into the middle of an erotic poem....with prose.

Note to self: arrive with your motor running, warmed up, and IN GEAR. HERS will be!

It is really hard, even for a 71 year old, to resist rapidly syncing with the gut pulsing vibrations of a smoking hot, sultry-eyed, tight, taut, hungry, devouring seductress. OK, I thought, we'll get to know each other AFTER I satisfy her.....and she me.

And so it went. Poetry, and sensuality, are the scent filling the spaces in the crusty black and white of reality. Be prepared. Her body is the understatement of perfection. Her skin silky soft and sensitive. And her lips, where ever she chooses to bless them, the softest and most velvety, dare I say.... SENSUAL....I have ever felt.

Our pillow talk confirmed my suspicion that Star is a woman of integrity, intellect and substance whose ambitions and life choices I can admire.  Overall our hour in her carefully crafted love nest passed seamlessly as we rolled and fondled in the common ground of two deeply sensual natures approaching from separate histories. She is 37....and I am 71, after all. But I left both fully satisfied that my anticipations were met and with the anticipation that we both have even further sensual depths to be explored. I wish to taste....and feel....those lips....wherever..... again.  ~ BF
~~ Star is quite simply the best. It begins and ends there for me. If you are seeking an encounter that is unlike any you've ever had...the most sensual experience with the sweetest, kindest, most caring and intelligent lady you can imagine, look no further. She is my ATF...and it isn't even close...  ~ DU
~~ She opened the door and greeted me in a really tiny red panties and bra. Jaw dropping. Star has an incredible can't take my eyes off of it body, wonderful sexy tats and a belly piercing that is amazing. She is warm and kind and smart and funny. I have not enjoyed making love to a lady like that ever. She did this thing with her breasts where she oh so slowly...  I thought I was going to through the roof.  A wonderful, no, the best **** I ever had. We then laid next to each and enjoyed each other's presence like lovers do. Still have her afterglow on me. I just cannot say enough about this women.  Go see her she will take you to erotic and sensual places you have never been. Thank you Star (j) you're wonderful.  ~ CH
~~ I have done several reviews on some wonderful ladies. short and somewhat non descriptive. I wanted to give this lady a detailed review - she was that good! Forgive me if it is a bit lengthy. Frankly I got turned on again just writing this review.!!

I had admired Star from afar for several months. Had even contacted her and got a response from her. But did not follow through with her until today.  Initial contact was easy as usual with Star.  She is an excellent communicator.
...She answered the door in black stockings, black high heels, the smallest panties I've ever seen and a little crop sexy top. I said " you look wonderful thank you for seeing me". First thing I noticed about her is "damn ,this women is 37 years old"? She has the face and the body of a 25 yr old. I thought" good clean living and lots of sex" must be her secret. I looked at her, I think she said" I'm glad your here" Then it all changed. She stopped smiling and got this intense tigress look on her face. She came at me with a look of desire in her eyes that almost overwhelmed me. She pushed her slim incredible body against me and kissed me very gently and sucked my lips. Time stood still. I put my hand around her waist then caressed her hair and found my way to her beautiful ass and lightly grabbed it.

As she kissed me she opened her mouth and the full intensity of her tongue and lips and sexuality made my knees buckle. We were stood there i think for 5- 10 minutes just kissing and me holding this primal force in my arms. I said." Let's forget about *** and just stay here for the hour." She laughed. Really it was that good!!! I was so trying to be a gentleman but Star sexuality kept getting in the way!! When we finally separated for a moment I gazed upon a lady that looked like a model out of a high class porn movie. WOW. Long sexy Legs, thigh high black stockings. God she was hot.!!  She grabbed my hand after I washed up a bit and took me upstairs. I told her I'm trying really hard to be gentleman but watching her tight little ass in those panties moving up and down going up the stairs I was quickly loosing my composure.

I think I said something dorky like " can we go back down stairs and can I watch you go up again or something like that. Upstairs in her bedroom, candles, soft pillows she smelled wonderful. This room was designed for an erotic sexual experience. She turned and kissed me again and I got undressed. She took off her top but kept her panties and high heels on. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me while we kisses and caressed each other. She told me to "lay back and get comfortable" then she giggled (there was a lot of giggling) and pulled off my boxers. She gave me probably the best most sensual **** I have ever experienced. A combination of her tongue, lips and soft kind of flicking I think on my ***. I had to have her stop so I would not explode right there. I asked her if i could return the favor. And she so slowly pulled down her panties and smiled at me and put her legs over my shoulders. I put a pillow on my head and gazed at one of the most beautiful kitties I have seen. The slight musk scent of her was intoxicating. I asked how I could please her. She said" slowly very slowly". I kissed her thighs and gently put my lips on her pussy. She moaned. I kept alternating kissing and gently sucking her kitty's lips then used my nose to go between her lips and followed it with my tongue caressing her. Holy Crap. She gently rolled over and asked if I was Ready. Yes please I think I said. And I got on top of her and slowly very slowly... I have got to say here that I have never ever had anyone make love to me like that before!!!. Deep thrusts and more moans faster and harder.  Holly Shit!!! My body quivered and went unto overdrive. Here I am with this gorgeous sensuous porn star type, she's moaning loudly as she was having I think multiple *** all the while I feel her vibrating her *** underneath me. Most erotic experience ever.

She was the perfect lover, smart ,erotic, sexual and really into being with me. Which was very humbling to me. She could give lessons to many others about customer service.

For that brief moment she was mine I felt completely. My all time best sexual experience ever. Holy God you have Got see this woman. Yes she is soft, slow and sensuous but there is a porn star tigress of sexual intensity smouldering right below the surface. If everybody could have an experience with Star like I did we could stop war and human injustice I'm sure of it.☺ Thank you so much babe. I hope I did our date justice . Glad you liked the book. You are in my dreams. ~ CH
~~ My fantasy with Star was just perfect. From the very first communication she was sweet and kind and a little flirty too. Set up was easy thru a few emails. Star is an incredibly beautiful woman and this was one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had. The perfect word for her and the time we spent together is.... Sensual. Slow, sweet, intense, and tantalizing affection from beginning to end. I won't get into too many details but Star's massage is gentle and relaxing focusing on pleasure. A perfect match for me on this day. I highly recommend getting to know Star. She is a sweet, sexy and intelligent woman and I look forward to the next time we can meet. ~ HP
~~ Her name describes her perfectly. The experience was one to remember and hopefully repeat. She communicates well – And yes you need to read her website and understand who she is and know she is preparing you for a true sensual adventure and connection with someone who has an inspirational love for life. Greeted me at the door in an all so sexy outfit (short blk dress jacket top showing off her breasts, stockings, black shiny heeled shoes) with kisses and a long passionate hug. She took my hand and led me to the bed where we explored each other, touching, caressing, tasting, slowly, building up anticipation until we were intertwined in passion. Star is such a beautiful, sexy, and classy woman who will take you on an erotic journey that you hope will never EVER end. Hope to be back in her arms soon. ~ DI
~~ I knocked at the door to heaven and this angel Sensually Star brought me into an embrace and kiss that was so magical and dreamy--I was lost in the sensory over load!! We kissed & hugged and I was so over whelmed that I did not realize she was only wearing panties from the waist down--the first of many mind blowing experiences I was going to enjoy on this she led me to the bed room. I must say--Sensually Star is cuter in person than her pictures show ( she does not show her face) she is beyond gorgeous!!

Once in the room we both got very comfortable very fast...Sensually Star has an exceptional irresistible body that I could not stop kissing and caressing as we both enjoyed pleasing each others creature comforts of body on body. All seemed to move with exotic slow motion as we both tasted each others delights as lovers would....we both experienced waves of pleasure and phenomenal desire--truly a mag ~ical moment was at hand!!! We enjoyed an insatiable lust for each other as more *** were had simultaneously by both of us--Boom went the dynamite!!! We both laid there in each others arms with pleasant looks of contentment on both of our faces--the divine climax had been achieved--what a blissful glorious moment we shared --I was in the arms of an angel-Sensually Star!!
This being my first of many visits to I can predict the pleasure will increase with each visit...I seem to be insatiable when it comes to Sensually Star. ~ NO
~~ Several reviews have captured or tried to capture what it is to spend time with Star. My experience was truly mind blowing, a true GF* experience, words can't truly describe the moment. Ever felt like time needs to stay still and the moment never end? That's how Star makes you feel. If there were stars to rate the experience, there would not be enough. Star is truly in the moment and her touch is true to her name, wonderfully sensuous. I am not one to go blow by blow, but suffice to say I have found a wonderful ATF. Hope to be able to connect with her soon and often for more memorable moments. ~ DD
~~ Star is mislabeled. Forget twinkle twinkle... Think SUPER-NOVA.

I've experienced the fantasy of this rendezvous before. It's been years. It's only gotten better. A LOT better. How is that possible? Because Star is a soul that has lived life, learned and added knowledge and experience, and has multiplied meaning to her touch. What she gives comes from the heart and soul of her being. Go ahead, try and put THAT on a menu.

Step in the door and brace yourself for her kiss. Go ahead. Try. The heat, the shear intensity of her sensuous presence is just... F***ing amazing. Time spent with this force of nature is like a train ride when you KNOW the bridge is out, and you're staying on it anyway. You Know it's going somewhere, and you have a damn good idea you might never recover from it, but hell if you're going to jump off just to save yourself and miss it.

Here's the thing about SuperNova intimacy. She isn't providing a service. What's on the "menu?" isn't ON the MENU. It's not an act, it's not an action, it's not a moment measured by minutes. It's a woman giving you MORE than you could possibly know how to ask for, and it is the "why" that will take your breath away and leave you speechless.

Because she WANTS to share it with you.
SHE WANTS TO so bad you can taste it, in her incomparable kiss, in the sheets soaked with her sweat, in the heat of her intoxicating arousal, in the passion of her pounding pulse. And you thought YOU were having a good time?... Indeed, you were. Yes indeed. The best of times. The very best.

Star, those words I whispered in your ear? I meant every one of them. ~ AN
~~ Typically I don't write reviews, that being said it's only fair to Star that I post this.
Hands down I had the most incredible experience that I can remember, like ever. She was pretty easy and responsive from our first contact, she did the typical checks and learned a little about me from my few posts.

Upon arrival she met me with an incredible dfk that continued for what seemed a heartbeat now but was actually minutes. I was lost in her charge and don't think I took a breath until she lead me upstairs. What proceeded can only be described as fantastically sensually. No details I could write could do it justice. Several of my best experiences were achieved (I am not entirely a spring chicken) so that was saying something.

Star's ** was probably the most sensual experience of my life, so soft, slow, deliberate, intimate and personal that I am still thinking about it. I wanted to go back the next day...

So much fun, she is so cool and genuine. Breath of fresh air! What a way to spend a morning!!  ~ PC





The 12-week program I went through with Star was nothing short of life altering.  The physical, mental, and spiritual healing that took place was way more than I could have ever imagined.  Aside from the healing, I was given the tools and developed rituals/practices which will carry my healing well beyond the program.
Star tailored her program, her teaching, healing rituals and spiritual practices to my unique needs and aspirations.  I came in with serious physical ailments, unhealthy self-medication practices (and prescription medications) do deal with my stress and anxiety, an anger towards my religious background and history, and I think a very low opinion of myself.  I did however, come in with a real desire to make a significant change in my life.  This program and her personal guidance/healing delivered on every account.  I know everyone’s experience will be different but mine was remarkable.  I am physically much healthier, achieved peace and gratitude towards my religious history, alcohol free, prescription medication free, feel good about myself, experience a real connection to my Source (God) and really feel a new lease on a once stagnant life.

I was concerned about the cost and time it would take to do this program, but I can tell you that it was the very best use of my resources I have ever spent.  If you are willing to put the time and work in, I could not recommend it enough.  It will change your life; it did mine.


I had a lot of trust in you, Star, and you had shown me, by your personal example, that with courage and faith, transformations were possible.   I wanted that so much.  I took the chance.

Looking back, it was the best investment in myself I have ever made.  The benefit goes well beyond myself but is now reaching all those I love and those my future self will develop relationships with.  I am on a path to be a better, more evolved, version of myself.  How much money is that worth?  Certainly, the price of the program.

Second, all the time you have spent with me over the 12 weeks was incredible.   I had little appreciation of how much effort you would be putting into this for me.  I had a personal healer with me every step of the way for 12 weeks.  Your personal involvement was incredible.  

I know others might balk at the price but it was worth every penny.  The best money I have ever spent.  I now get to enjoy the fruits of our journey for the rest of my life.  ~ JP


I fully encourage my friends, family, and coworkers to take this program. Working with Star created intense, and much needed, change in my life. This is a program for warriors who are not afraid to hunt at the dark spots inside and let in the light. I have become stronger, more adept at balancing my emotions, and grounding on the fly. This was my first experience with energy healing, and Star is real. I felt, like REALLY felt, the energy healing sessions when and after they occurred. I can't explain it, but I know it made an impact on my body and on my life. Growing up with an atheist childhood, this was a powerful experience into spirituality for me. For those of you who have had negative religious experiences, the weekly lessons are very aware and sensitive to those feelings. If another program is released, I'm signing up. And just like any other health appointment, I know when something's "off", I'll be calling Star to help me clear it out. If you feel that tug to sign up for this program, listen and do it.  ~ HP


That was such an amazing and powerful session Star!  I still can't believe how insightful it was.  And the message from my spirit guides!  All the things I've pushed down for so long, these sessions seem to draw them out of me to deal with and heal.  I am so grateful for you Star.  You've literally changed the trajectory of my life through your work: sessions, program and connection. Thank you so much! ~ DB


Following up on my last post, I had my second energy healing session with Star and just …. well, WOW! It was so awesome to build from our first visit and take it to a much higher level. Star had me fill out a survey prior to this session which helped both of us prepare for our time together. It helped me form my intentions and wishes and helped her plan and execute a session tailored just for me. There was Star with her presence and energy, music, soft lighting, stones, crystals, tuning forks and a near out of body experience at the end. Those of you who have had time with Star can relate to that experience. I felt I was in a new and higher place I had never been before. All I can really say here is that Star is a wonderful, caring, beautiful healer and I am still feeling the effects of our time together weeks later. I can’t wait for our next visit. ~ RJ



The space was sensual as much as it was spiritual, dimly lit, soft music playing and a beautiful woman holding my hand. I removed my clothes, laid down and she carefully draped my lower two chakra areas (you can guess where that might be) and sat beside me. She prayed over and kissed each warm stone as she placed them on my body, on one chakra region after the other. As I understand it, this first part of the session was about removing (cleansing) negative energy to make room for the new positive energy to follow. Deep breaths lead to involuntary shaking, which lead to tears and eventually a grand letting go. I really do not know how else to describe it. Again, everyone’s experience will be different but mine was intense. These stones were slowly removed and replaced by others. Stones and her hands worked from my root chakra up to my crown chakra. New stones to channel new energy into my body. There was peace, warmth and physically felt energy flowing into my body as she worked her way up my chakras.

After a period of time, the crystals were gently removed, as was the draping. With the same focus and spiritual intent, Star proceeded to release any unspent energy I had; slowly, passionately as only she can. If you have any questions regarding her skills, just read any of her past reviews. It is just Pure Heaven.

The effect of the session went well beyond the 90 minutes we shared. Throughout the following week, I just felt “different”, in a really good way. Enough so, I spent time to learn more about this energy work and the energy body and was eager to schedule this next session.

If any of this post resonates with you or piques your curiosity, you should really schedule a session with Star to experience it for yourself. Your experience may be different than mine, but whatever it is, it will be worth it. I have also had the pleasure of taking her up on both her Ultimate Companion sessions and her spiritual phone sessions. Each session has brought a sense of healing, warmth, and connection.

I don’t need to thank Star here for this session, she already knows the depth of my gratitude for the time she has spent with me. If you take her up on one of her sessions, I am sure she will hear the same from you. ~ JP


I came to Star for help and sexual healing. It was comforting to hear that I'm not alone, that other men also have wives with little interest in sex. And that they also struggle with feelings of insecurity and sexual rejection, feeling undesirable and unloved. And if that weren't enough, decades of Christianity taught me I was condemned by my sex drive, creating sexual repression, guilt and shame. I need help.

Star laid out a plan for healing and restoration. I've completed two of our three initial sessions. Both have been very intense and powerful. Muscles flinch uncontrollably as she treats each area. My mind recalls forgotten sexual thoughts and experiences, mostly bad ones. It's very much an assisted clearing out of old sexual garbage. I find myself exhausted after these sessions for at least the rest of the day. But with each session I'm noticing progress, removing the negative, finding greater happiness, a feeling of renewal and lightness.

I won't go into the specifics of Star's methods as I doubt any two experiences are identical, likely dependent on what she's helping you with. But the experience is both spiritual and sensual, ever building toward a climactic ending, toward Star's signature soft, tender, oral and digital, sensual release. So amazing! Be sure to plan for a series of sessions to get the full benefit of Star's sensual healing. And I've scheduled extra time for discussion after each treatment, I've found that to be so beneficial and highly recommend adding it. ~ VB

Energy Healing Testimonials
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