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The 12-week program I went through with Star was nothing short of life altering.  The physical, mental, and spiritual healing that took place was way more than I could have ever imagined.  Aside from the healing, I was given the tools and developed rituals/practices which will carry my healing well beyond the program.
Star tailored her program, her teaching, healing rituals and spiritual practices to my unique needs and aspirations.  I came in with serious physical ailments, unhealthy self-medication practices (and prescription medications) do deal with my stress and anxiety, an anger towards my religious background and history, and I think a very low opinion of myself.  I did however, come in with a real desire to make a significant change in my life.  This program and her personal guidance/healing delivered on every account.  I know everyone’s experience will be different but mine was remarkable.  I am physically much healthier, achieved peace and gratitude towards my religious history, alcohol free, prescription medication free, feel good about myself, experience a real connection to my Source (God) and really feel a new lease on a once stagnant life.

I was concerned about the cost and time it would take to do this program, but I can tell you that it was the very best use of my resources I have ever spent.  If you are willing to put the time and work in, I could not recommend it enough.  It will change your life; it did mine.


I had a lot of trust in you, Star, and you had shown me, by your personal example, that with courage and faith, transformations were possible.   I wanted that so much.  I took the chance.

Looking back, it was the best investment in myself I have ever made.  The benefit goes well beyond myself but is now reaching all those I love and those my future self will develop relationships with.  I am on a path to be a better, more evolved, version of myself.  How much money is that worth?  Certainly, the price of the program.

Second, all the time you have spent with me over the 12 weeks was incredible.   I had little appreciation of how much effort you would be putting into this for me.  I had a personal healer with me every step of the way for 12 weeks.  Your personal involvement was incredible.  

I know others might balk at the price but it was worth every penny.  The best money I have ever spent.  I now get to enjoy the fruits of our journey for the rest of my life.  ~ JP


I fully encourage my friends, family, and coworkers to take this program. Working with Star created intense, and much needed, change in my life. This is a program for warriors who are not afraid to hunt at the dark spots inside and let in the light. I have become stronger, more adept at balancing my emotions, and grounding on the fly. This was my first experience with energy healing, and Star is real. I felt, like REALLY felt, the energy healing sessions when and after they occurred. I can't explain it, but I know it made an impact on my body and on my life. Growing up with an atheist childhood, this was a powerful experience into spirituality for me. For those of you who have had negative religious experiences, the weekly lessons are very aware and sensitive to those feelings. If another program is released, I'm signing up. And just like any other health appointment, I know when something's "off", I'll be calling Star to help me clear it out. If you feel that tug to sign up for this program, listen and do it.  ~ HP


That was such an amazing and powerful session Star!  I still can't believe how insightful it was.  And the message from my spirit guides!  All the things I've pushed down for so long, these sessions seem to draw them out of me to deal with and heal.  I am so grateful for you Star.  You've literally changed the trajectory of my life through your work: sessions, program and connection. Thank you so much! ~ DB


Following up on my last post, I had my second energy healing session with Star and just …. well, WOW! It was so awesome to build from our first visit and take it to a much higher level. Star had me fill out a survey prior to this session which helped both of us prepare for our time together. It helped me form my intentions and wishes and helped her plan and execute a session tailored just for me. There was Star with her presence and energy, music, soft lighting, stones, crystals, tuning forks and a near out of body experience at the end. Those of you who have had time with Star can relate to that experience. I felt I was in a new and higher place I had never been before. All I can really say here is that Star is a wonderful, caring, beautiful healer and I am still feeling the effects of our time together weeks later. I can’t wait for our next visit. ~ RJ



The space was sensual as much as it was spiritual, dimly lit, soft music playing and a beautiful woman holding my hand. I removed my clothes, laid down and she carefully draped my lower two chakra areas (you can guess where that might be) and sat beside me. She prayed over and kissed each warm stone as she placed them on my body, on one chakra region after the other. As I understand it, this first part of the session was about removing (cleansing) negative energy to make room for the new positive energy to follow. Deep breaths lead to involuntary shaking, which lead to tears and eventually a grand letting go. I really do not know how else to describe it. Again, everyone’s experience will be different but mine was intense. These stones were slowly removed and replaced by others. Stones and her hands worked from my root chakra up to my crown chakra. New stones to channel new energy into my body. There was peace, warmth and physically felt energy flowing into my body as she worked her way up my chakras.

After a period of time, the crystals were gently removed, as was the draping. With the same focus and spiritual intent, Star proceeded to release any unspent energy I had; slowly, passionately as only she can. If you have any questions regarding her skills, just read any of her past reviews. It is just Pure Heaven.

The effect of the session went well beyond the 90 minutes we shared. Throughout the following week, I just felt “different”, in a really good way. Enough so, I spent time to learn more about this energy work and the energy body and was eager to schedule this next session.

If any of this post resonates with you or piques your curiosity, you should really schedule a session with Star to experience it for yourself. Your experience may be different than mine, but whatever it is, it will be worth it. I have also had the pleasure of taking her up on both her Ultimate Companion sessions and her spiritual phone sessions. Each session has brought a sense of healing, warmth, and connection.

I don’t need to thank Star here for this session, she already knows the depth of my gratitude for the time she has spent with me. If you take her up on one of her sessions, I am sure she will hear the same from you. ~ JP


I came to Star for help and sexual healing. It was comforting to hear that I'm not alone, that other men also have wives with little interest in sex. And that they also struggle with feelings of insecurity and sexual rejection, feeling undesirable and unloved. And if that weren't enough, decades of Christianity taught me I was condemned by my sex drive, creating sexual repression, guilt and shame. I need help.

Star laid out a plan for healing and restoration. I've completed two of our three initial sessions. Both have been very intense and powerful. Muscles flinch uncontrollably as she treats each area. My mind recalls forgotten sexual thoughts and experiences, mostly bad ones. It's very much an assisted clearing out of old sexual garbage. I find myself exhausted after these sessions for at least the rest of the day. But with each session I'm noticing progress, removing the negative, finding greater happiness, a feeling of renewal and lightness.

I won't go into the specifics of Star's methods as I doubt any two experiences are identical, likely dependent on what she's helping you with. But the experience is both spiritual and sensual, ever building toward a climactic ending, toward Star's signature soft, tender, oral and digital, sensual release. So amazing! Be sure to plan for a series of sessions to get the full benefit of Star's sensual healing. And I've scheduled extra time for discussion after each treatment, I've found that to be so beneficial and highly recommend adding it. ~ VB

What I Bring To The Table

  • 16+ years in sensual arts and services

  • Master’s degree

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work

    • with a Minor in Writing

  • Associate's degree in Gerontology with the following certificates:

    • End of Life Care certificate

    • Advanced Behavioral and Cognitive Care Certificate

  • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner training

  • Reiki Master certification

  • Crystal healing practitioner

  • Spiritual/tantric practitioner for 10 years

  • Annual pilgrimages to India to support and pursue my spiritual path and awakening

  • Completed numerous workshops, courses, and classes to support ongoing education and advancement in sexuality, spirituality, end-of-life care, and social services

  • Studied with Source School of Tantra and International School of Temple Arts

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