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YouTube ~ A Love of Connection

I absolutely adore sharing myself with you and connecting from a place of depth and authenticity.  Videos are a favorite tool for this!  I invite you to check out my private YouTube content dedicated to exploring Sacred Sexuality, spirituality, authentic Tantra, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies, and relationships ~ with a focus on dismantling out-dated belief systems surrounding our sexuality, our bodies, coming together in union, and how we express ourselves sensually.


Let us return back to our power, back to the beauty of our sexual and spiritual natures, to our healthy Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine essence ~ free to enjoy and thrive in loving, passionate, supportive, nourishing, inspiring relationships with ourselves and each other! With the courage to be ourselves and confident of our self-worth!

Sensual Musings

An exploration of various topics related to our sensual energies, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union, spirituality and anything to support us on our journey towards expanded consciousness and greater ability to love ourselves - and each other.  "We are all just walking each other home..."

~ Ram Dass

Weekly Oracle and Tarot

Check out the energies for the upcoming week.  We utilize oracle and tarot to explore themes and energies for the week.  A sexy fun way to expand into our sensual spiritual experience with some very powerful wisdom tools.

Sensual Dance Meditations

A very sexy and sensual way to come down into our bodies, connect more deeply with our sensual energy and open to a deeper connection with Mother Earth and our spiritual nature.  Come dance with me!  I look forward to moving with you!

Sexual & Spiritual Awakening Practices & Techniques

Learn how to open up your sexual energy and your energy body.  Explore breath-work, meditation, energy and sound healing, and various other practices to support your sexual/spiritual evolution!  Improve health, relationships, state of mind, spiritual connection ~ and sooo much more!

Elements of Sacred Sexuality Series

In this 5-part video series, discover how expanding our understanding of the elements ~ Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether (Spirit) ~ can greatly support us on our Sacred Sexuality journey towards deeper connection, passion, creativity, fulfillment, harmony, union, and balance ~ both within and without.

Sex Magick Series

In this powerful 6-part series, we will learn all about the beautiful practice of sex magick and how you can harness and utilize your sexual and sensual energy to align more fully with your passion and purpose, with what truly lights you up, with what brings you fulfillment and nourishment.

Tantric Elements of Sacred Sexuality ~ 5-Part Series
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