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What Are We Seeking?

Desires fulfilled; cravings satiated; connections made.

Exquisitely erotic moments creating a sensual landscape. A landscape painted with passion. Drawn with desire. Lasciviously teasing. Playfully pleasuring.

Lose yourself in sensation.  Exquisitely soft and slow, tantalizingly sensuous and erotic.


I have created the perfect atmosphere for you to retreat from reality for a moment.  Forget the outside world and just revel in the amazing sensations our bodies are capable of experiencing.


I am an extremely passionate, highly educated and intelligent (I hold three degrees to the Master's level), well-traveled, fun and spiritually inclined woman that truly loves creating and savoring intimate and sensuous moments in an environment of serenity and unparalleled sensuality.

I invite you to read the beautiful fantasy reviews that others have shared about their experiences on my ADORATION page.


And that is just a very tiny little bit about me.  I will share much, much, much more of myself when we interface.


And now it is time; time to let your curiosity get the best of you and step into my world of sensual...

XoXo ~ Star


Many passions feed my soul, illuminate my spirit, and fill my heart: traveling, sexual empowerment, writing, learning and educational pursuits, designing, poetry, gardening, traveling, yoga, spiritual practice, sexy lingerie, preparing scrumptious foods, dancing, music, going to the symphony, being outside reveling in Mother Nature’s beautiful handiwork, reading usually ten books at a time (variety is the spice of life you know!)...and I am constantly finding new ways to spice up my life and expand my horizons.  Skydiving anyone? 


I have realized in my short time on Earth that there is never enough time, so I am committed to making every moment count and experiencing as much beauty and pleasure as possible!  Connecting with you and having the opportunity to luxuriate in your company, learn your passions, to touch your soul - these are some of the glorious ways that I get to do that.  Thank you for being here and thank you for your amazing connection! 

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