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Empowered Masculine Tantric Sacred Sexuality Pilgrimage ~ India 2024
November 3rd thru 17th

If You...

~ Long for more intimacy, passion and sensuality in your relationships
Desire a deeper connection with your spiritual nature
~ Are curious a
bout adding spirituality to your sexuality to enhance your intimate connections
~ Seek more joy and abundance in your lif
~ Thirst for an expanded expression of your sexual and sensual energy

~ Long for greater ability to more fully give and receive love
~ Crave the courage and confidence to make the bold moves your heart is calling you to make
~ Yearn to break free from what is holding you back from the life you are here to live
~ Thirst for greater wisdom and desire to strengthen your intuition
~ Hunger for greater purpose in your life
~ Are ready to connect with the true power of The Goddess - of the Sacred Feminine
~ Are excited at the idea of exploring some of the most ancient and spiritual cities on the planet

Then come join a small group of like-minded, inspiring men for 15 empowering days of release and renewal in the awe-inspiring spiritual energies of India.  Allow the power of ancient Varanasi, Lord Shiva's city, to transform and awaken you to your true Empowered Sacred Masculine self.  There you will connect with your inner truth, experience a powerful awakening of your passion and purpose, and gain the confidence, clarity and trust you need to liberate yourself from old ways of being  & relating that simply are not serving you! 

To Journey Inward...

Empowered Sacred Masculine 2024 invites you to embark on a 15-day mind-expanding, paradigm-shifting, transformational pilgrimage to the spiritual land of India. This program is based on the philosophy of authentic Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, super-charged with the life-changing spiritual energies of India.  This immersive experience is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and a powerful awakening of the Sacred Masculine within you - all with the intention of supporting empowered, healthy ways of relating with the Sacred Feminine.  My holistic approach supports body, mind, and spirit in a sacred setting where all your senses will come alive!

This pilgrimage is highly experiential and includes a 2-hour Sacred Sexuality Tantric Ultimate Companion Honoring Ritual with me (as described in full on my Sensual Encounters page).  Utilize all that you are learning and experiencing during your pilgrimage to connect deeply and fully with me - your Goddess - as we honor the beauty and sensuality of our sexual energies and sensual union.  A gorgeous experience of the union of sexuality and spirituality.

Learn more about this amazing pilgrimage on the official website.  I have created a stand-alone website page that is suitable for the general public to read - free from any explicit content!   All details and contact info can be found there.


Empowered Masculine
Tantric Sacred Sexuality Pilgrimage
~ India 2024 ~

~ Official Website ~

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