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It Starts With Passion and Desire

Can you believe we are in the last week of the year?  And what a powerful year it has been.  This is a gorgeous time of year to reflect back on all that transpired, all the shifts and transformations, all the challenges that supported our growth and evolution, all the love and beauty experienced, all of the wonder, and all of the amazing and sensual experiences that support our feeling so alive in these beautiful bodies of ours.


It has truly been an epic year of growth and change for so many of us and I trust I will look back on this one as one of the most powerful years of my life.  Some years are just like that you know?  Epic and pivotal!


This really is such a powerful time for self-reflection and intention setting.  I am a huge fan of intention setting as it is an excellent way to harness and focus our energies, which is the most important factor to support our taking charge of our lives and creating the life we truly want to live.  We are actually extremely powerful beings capable of living extraordinary lives – when we come into the realization of this and start using our energy more intentionally in support of this.  When we don’t harness and focus our energy, we are pretty much leaving it up to The Universe to create our experience for us and it will always take the path of least resistance, meaning the easiest way forward – which can leave us stuck in ruts and patterns and on repeat until we make the decision to change and start intentionally pointing our energy in a new direction. 


There are many excellent times to set intentions – beginnings and endings are two of my favorite.  This is why New Year’s is so perfect for intention setting – we are ending one year and beginning a new one.  It is a powerful time to reflect on all that has come to pass and set intention to release all that we do not want to carry forward with us into the new year.  And then we have the perfect opportunity to set intention around what we want to focus our energy on in the new year and call in what we truly desire – do we have any creative projects we are excited about?  Any new relationships we want to call in?  Any thoughts on improving existing ones?  Are there any Sacred Masculine or Sacred Feminine qualities we are looking to strengthen in ourselves?  Any habits or patterns we are ready to relinquish in this new year? 


Perhaps it is time to switch careers and we want to focus our energy on that?  Perhaps there is a new spiritual practice we are excited about committing to for the first few months – or even the whole year!  Maybe we want to focus on health and learning more about what type of foods are best to support our body.  Perhaps we are ready to explore Sacred Sexuality further and ready to take the next steps to open to that more fully.  Maybe this is the year we are going to bring some more passion and romance into our relationship.  We might be ready to dive into that awesome 12-Intensive Empowered Masculine self-improvement program that we’ve been contemplating for a while.  Wink, wink!  And maybe it is time to say YES to that transformational pilgrimage to India that sounds so intriguing!  More winks!  ;)


So let’s get ready to kick this all into gear.  Writing is a super powerful tool to harness our energy and especially supports intention setting.  Something magical happens when we put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard as it were!  I am going to invite you to grab your journal or notebook – or open up a Word document – and take some time to reflect on the past year and upon the new year that we are welcoming in.


Reflecting on the past year, make a list of positive experiences and challenging experiences.  What were the pros and cons?  Just take some time to open to all that transpired for you and how it supported your growth.


Here are some questions to aid in your reflection:


  • What did I learn about my sexual energy, my relationships, or my Sacred Masculine energy during this past year? 

  • What helped to strengthen me in these areas?  How is that supporting me as I move forward?

  • What unhealthy beliefs surrounding my sexuality and/or sensual energy am I ready to release?

  • What am I grateful for from the past year?  Take a few moments to reflect on all that you are grateful for.

  • What am I ready to purge or release from this past year?  What am I ready to leave behind – especially as it relates to unhealthy relationship patterns – with self and with others? 


Now it is time set the intention to release with a simple, “I set the intention to release the following….”


Use whatever words feel most natural for you and feel free to release more than one thing!


And now let’s prepare ourselves to move forward into this new year – you can write on as many of these as you feel called to and certainly feel free to explore all of them if that is speaking to you:


  • What am I ready to move forward with as I prepare myself to enter into a brand-new year of sensualities and awakenings?

  • How am I going to connect more fully with my sexual and sensual energies in this new year?

  • What is it that my heart truly desires right now?

  • What am I going to do to expand my experience of pleasure and sexual energy?

  • What am I excited about creating in the new year?

  • What type of creative project am I going to channel my creative, sexual, life-force energy into?

  • How am I going to open more fully to the truth of my sexual energy and my desire?

  • What new belief systems surrounding my sexuality and sensual energy am I ready to adopt and start rockin’ out?

  • How am I going to bring more passion into my life?  Into my relationships?  Passion for anything and everything!

  • How am I going to bring more romance, connection, intimacy and sensuality into my relationships – with myself and with others?

  • How am I going to support my body and my health so that I am able to more fully expand my sexual energy and more fully open to intimate connections?

  • How am I going to deepen and strengthen my important relationships?

  • How am I going to break through inhibitions that have been holding me back from being in my power, in my strength and in my truth as a Sacred Masculine being?

  • How can I more fully support and allow the Sacred Feminine energies – both within myself and in others?

  • How can I open to greater abundance in my life?  What does abundance mean to me?

  • What am I ready to vision and invite for 2024 – a state of being, an act of creation, a goal or purpose to move towards, a more intentional spiritual path, health, sacred sexuality, soooo many amazing things to connect with!


Now it is time to set your intention(s) for 2024:  “I set the intention to invite, call in, create, explore, allow more, etc…”


Again, use whatever words feel most natural for you.  These are all simply suggestions to spark your imagination and creative process.  Take it and run with it!


And finally:


  • What is your word for the year?  A word that encompasses all that you would like to call in or the energy you would like to permeate the year with…


My word for the year is PASSION – as it absolutely encompasses the energy I bring to everything and I am ready to open into it and allow even more!  Passion in sensual connections, passion in all of my creative endeavors, passion in my world travel adventures, passion for life, passion as it moves through my body expressing in sooo many ways, passion for new ideas and explorations, passion for my spiritual journey, passion for nature, passion for learning and sharing, passion for this amazing journey we are all on together!  I am soooo in love with all of it and am ready to be even more in love and more passionate about it all.  Feeling a very huge YES to this!


And, of course, you can have more than one intention and more than one word and more than one thing you are ready to release.  No rules here!  It is simply about being intentional with our energy!  Magical things happen we get clear and write down.  We send very strong, powerful messages to The Universe (and to our subconscious!) and it starts going to work on our behalf.  Truly it does!  If this is new to you, yay – you are going to love what happens when you start to get more intentional with your energy.  And for those of you already familiar with this practice and with energy, you already know how powerful this is!


Again, the more we intentionally harness and focus our energies, the more we start creating exactly what it is that we want our lives to look and feel like.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Energy is the foundation of our entire reality – it is what our reality is made of.  Our thoughts and mind are energy.  When we take control of them, we control our experience.  When we don’t take control of them, we are at the mercy of all of the other powerful energies out there – or worse, at the mercy of our own unconscious energies – our own habitual, unconscious thought patterns and mental machinations.  Not pleasant!  It is absolutely not a good idea to allow the unconscious thought-patterns to run our lives!  Setting intentions is a very simple way to take back our power. 


Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!  All of this talk about sensuality and sexual energy and PASSION has me feeling super excited for this gorgeous new year that we are embarking on.  I trust it is going to be wonderfully sensual, inspiring, rich, abundant, and expansive.  I personally have so many exciting projects in the works.  Creative life-force energy is flowing and it feels like things are getting ready to bust loose after the past year being one of hibernation for me.  So much transpired over that last year, but there was also a feeling of being in a cocoon – waiting for my wings to form.  And now they feel almost ready.  Almost ready to fly!  Higher than ever!


As always, so grateful for your presence and for journeying with me.  This year is going to be so freaking magical!  I am thrilled we are doing this together!!!  India – here we come! 


And speaking of India – stay tuned for the upcoming Empowered Sacred Masculine Sacred Sexuality Pilgrimage website launch.  It will be announced in January of 2024.  So exciting!!!


Okay my beautiful beloved Sacred Masculines!  That feels complete for now.  A beautiful ending and a gorgeous new beginning.  May this year bring you great joy, much sensual pleasure in whatever way speaks to you best, so much health, and amazing connections to nourish you on your journey! 


Happy New Year to you!!!!  May this powerful practice of intention setting serve you well and usher in amazing new energy for you! May you have a wonder-filled year that ignites your passions and brings you so much of what your heart truly desires.


Wishing you much love always ~ Star


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01. Jan.

Star, you’ve inspired me to choose a word, and my word is BLISS. Bliss, happiness, joy, felicity in all that life has to offer in 2024. I’m setting the intention to bring more bliss into my life. Bliss in the simple things, in relationships, self care, spirituality, learning, travel, adventure. And sensual bliss as well. I can’t wait to find out how our words, PASSION and BLISS, work together ;) -DB

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