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A Sneak Peak

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I have been hard at work creating my new Awakening Divine Masculine program - a 12-week intensive course geared towards clearing away old, unhealthy habits and patterns that get in the way of our having healthy, fulfilling relationships with both ourselves and with others - and that keep us from experiencing sensual connection and expression from more of a free and loving place versus the place of lack that so many of us are trying to connect from. We tend to reach out from a place of emptiness and longing rather than from a place of fullness and love. We look to the other to fill the void for us and then we inevitably get disappointed when they are ultimately unable to do so - or to do so for very long. In the beginning, the spark we feel often feels like we have found what we are looking for and we feel satiated for a moment. This rarely lasts for too long though and we find ourselves experiencing the same longing and emptiness - even in the company of the other. This is because it stems from inside of us and really has nothing to do with another being. No other person can fill that void for us. We must fill it for ourselves. And that is precisely what my program is designed to help us do - fill the void from a true and real place of love and connection that we must find for ourselves - from within. And if you've been following me and my blog, you know how passionate I am about freeing us all from the unhealthy belief systems we have surrounding our sexuality that stifle and stagnate us and that keep us in a place of fear and disconnection from each other. I want nothing more than to help us break free so that we may have the loving, nourishing, inspiring relationships we so desperately crave and long for. So that is what is driving my work and this new program!

I wanted to offer you a little sneak-peak here of what it is all about. A huge way to step into this new reality is to start working more consciously with our energy body to clear all of the old patterning and unconscious beliefs that keep us in fear and isolation. This is what I wrote for one of the modules recently. It very much embodies the heart behind my energy healing mission and vision!

"Part of the beauty of starting to relate to and work with The Universe, with ourselves, and with others as energy is that it helps take the judgment out of our experience. Energy tends to be either flowing or blocked or stagnate. These states of energy correspond with experiences that we typically judge to be positive or negative, fearful or loving, but ultimately they are simply energy. Stuck, blocked, depleted and stagnant meridians and chakras create stuck, blocked, depleted, stagnant experiences that align with the lower vibrating frequency energy that we call fear. Open, flowing, full meridians and chakras create open, flowing, full experiences that align with the high vibrating energy we call love. If we can start to see this, we can step away from judging ourselves or others or the state of the world and we begin to recognize that we are all in different states of energetic flow or blockage. The main intention and purpose of this program is to help you recognize and embody this understanding – and to teach you practices and a way of life that supports the flow and health of your energy body, that supports your vibrating at a higher frequency, which in turn supports our planet to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Luckily for us, there are tons of very simple things we can do to align with higher vibrations. The flip side of this, however, is that there are tons of very simple things we do to align with lower vibrations. We get to choose which way to go. Unfortunately, many of the energies here on earth and in our society have been those of a much lower, fear-based frequency, and the majority of us have unconsciously aligned with them. Much of our day is spent in unconscious activities and interactions that fortify and strengthen the lower vibes. It is super easy for us to do so because that is what we have always done. So, while there are simple ways to realign ourselves with high vibes, the challenge comes in recognizing the unconscious patterns and then making choices to change direction – to move the energy in a different direction. The grooves get worn in fairly deep. Making changes can feel like trying to get a steadily moving locomotive to quickly change direction when there aren’t any tracks laid yet! So we need to start laying those tracks! And that is what we are learning here. How to create new tracks – new tracks that lead to new experiences of the world and new ways of being. Super exciting really!”

That is so much it in a nutshell! I am just about ready to do a soft launch, so please stay tuned. I am so freakin' inspired to support all of us stepping into healthier relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with Source. Creating this has been such a lovely process and culmination of all my sensual work, spiritual growth and education. Loving it!

Love and light to you ~ Star

And, as always, reach out when you are ready to experience a glorious energy healing session with me. It would be an honor to support you on your journey! :)

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