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Balance | Harmony | Sacred Union

Hello my beautiful beloveds!  I am always so thrilled to be sitting down and writing for you.  This past week has seen some very strange energy, however, so I am a tad late in writing this – and that is precisely what the topic of discussion will be for the week. 


Growing up in this society that values and has placed soooo much emphasis on the masculine energies of accomplishing, doing, achieving, advancement, productivity, staying on schedule, locked in regardless of internal or external circumstances, not “dropping the ball,” staying on task, making the deadline, very time-oriented – this can all make it rather challenging when we are unable to adhere to the rigidity of these values.  There is nothing wrong with these values, but when they are not balanced with the feminine energies of allowing, receptivity, following our heart and intuition, flexibility, flow, surrender – this can cause a great imbalance within us and a huge shutting down of an entire half of our energies and our experience.


We are comprised of both masculine and feminine energies.  Everything in our experience and our reality is comprised of these dualistic, opposite, complementary energies.  Day/night.  Dark/light.  Within/without.  Up/down.  Fear/love.  Matter/space.  Wet/dry.  Me/you.  This/that.  Past/future.  And on and on we could go.  These expressions are opposite sides of the same coin.  One creates the experience of the other.  Without the dark, we cannot know the light.   The night is what makes the day so amazing and so appreciated. 


A huge part of the many issues that our society and the world is dealing with right now is that it has gotten way out of balance with its masculine and feminine energies.  This has caused huge repercussions for us on so many levels.  We are deeply disconnected from our hearts, our intuition, our psychic abilities, our emotions, our ability to give and receive love, our ability to flow with the ever-changing energies and experiences of life, the innate wisdom of our bodies and their ability to heal, from nature, from our spirituality, and from so much of the magic of life.  Our over-dependence on certainty, reason, logic, numbers, facts, science, religion, dependability, defensiveness, and action has cut us off from so much of ourselves and we are feeling the effects of this at every level of our being – body, mind, and soul.


I want to highlight that there is no judgement here and that there is nothing inherently wrong with any of the masculine or feminine qualities – it is simply that the imbalance is causing issues for us and it is time to address the situation and start to bring things in to greater balance for ourselves.  There has been much effort made by many groups, individuals, and movements to bring back and strengthen the feminine energies and qualities in our society and great strides have been made, but there is still much to be done.  This is the challenge of our time, whether we are conscious of it or not.


The main tenet in Tantric philosophy and practice is moving towards harmony, balance and union of these two energies within us – balance and union of the masculine, Shiva, and the feminine, Shakti.  They are two parts of one whole.  One cannot exist without the other.  The more we are able to come into balance and harmony, the greater peace, ease, serenity, empowerment, creativity, love, fulfilment, wholeness and oneness we experience.  Tantra  is a perfect tradition for the situation we find ourselves in at present.  It greatly supports our ability to come back to our core, to our truth, and to the beauty of embracing all aspects of ourselves – no longer shunning or shaming or hiding any part of ourselves.


Men have been deeply cut off from their ability to feel and express emotions, which has wreaked havoc for them in soooo many ways.  Women have become overly masculine and are deeply cut off from their intuition and their ability to express healthy emotions.  We are all extremely disconnected from our bodies and from the powerful cycles of nature.  We are all way too attached to over-doing and over-achieving – and have been praised handsomely for this – leading to so much stress and anxiety and dis-ease in the body.  This has all seriously affected our ability to engage in and maintain healthy, nourishing, fulfilling relationships.  And I could easily go on and on about all of this, but this post isn’t entirely about that. 


The good news is that we are starting to recognize and appreciate how imbalanced things have gotten and we are starting to do what we can to bring back the feminine, create more balance, find compassion for ourselves and our journey, and open to greater self-love.  Part of this includes recognizing in ourselves when we are out of balance and when we are putting entirely too much emphasis on the masculine qualities and not allowing our feminine qualities a place at the table. 


This is precisely what I was dealing with this past week.  I had gotten into a lovely little rhythm of producing (masculine) a weekly (masculine) blog post and really wanted to adhere to that schedule (masculine).  My feminine energies were not in the emotional (feminine) state to be producing and just needed to be internal (feminine) and flowing (feminine) with what felt right – which had nothing to do with meeting my own self-inflicted deadline (masculine) based on what I have been told are best-practices – consistency, discipline and pushing through at all costs (masculine).  This caused a bit of an internal battle and gave me something to reflect on for sure. 


I do my best to always be living my life from a heart-based place, not from a place of fear.  Heart-based in this situation was not forcing a blog post when I wasn’t truly feeling it and was writing mainly from a place of remaining on-task and meeting a deadline.  That is not the energy I want to be putting into my connection with you!  Fear-based for me, in this situation, would have been forcing the post out of fear that if I didn’t get it done I was going to lose my momentum, I was letting people down, I wasn’t achieving, I am not being a disciplined writer (because that is praised in our society) and, because of this, somehow, I am not worthy.


This is what has been ingrained into us.  And it can be so subtle because it is so deeply entrenched in our subconscious, but these are the unconscious thoughts that run beneath.  Unconscious until we bring them up into our conscious that is – and I have put a great deal of effort (there’s that masculine again!) into bringing all of this up into my conscious, so I can start to make new choices for myself and I can push back on the unhealthy narrative.  Again, the masculine qualities are gorgeous and important and I absolutely love them – but not at the expense of all else.  Not when I am shutting down other parts of me and losing connection to my beautiful feminine energies and qualities.  Energies that allow for flow and for me to be in my process and to not have to adhere to rules that make no sense in the moment. 

I wonder - how does this imbalance show up for you in your life?  


I thought it an interesting thing to write about here and bring into our on-going discussion around the masculine and feminine energies.  Again, this is what authentic Tantra is all about – the harmony, balance and union of these energies – both within and without.  It is important for us to very intentionally engage with and witness in ourselves how these energies have gotten out of balance and how we can start to bring them into balance. 


Everything I offer, programs, energy healing sessions, guidance sessions, and sacred union rituals are about strengthening and creating this harmony, balance and union between the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies.  My entire life and everything I offer here is based on living this authentic Tantric philosophy and understanding of our reality.  So I easily get excited about any opportunity to bring more awareness to this and to bring that balance within myself. 


Why is this important?  Because when our Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies are in harmony, balance and union, we get to experience the beauty of all aspects of ourselves and how exquisitely they dance together – utilizing our logic and our intuition together opens us up to profound wisdom and ability to create; we connect with each other from a place of wholeness and authenticity – no longer feeling a need to hide and shame any aspect of ourselves; we engage in Sacred Sexuality from a much more expansive, heart-based, sensual place – fully connected to the gorgeous sensations and energetics of our bodies, no longer distracted by our minds or lost in performance anxiety.  We get to experience again the magic of The Universe and how beautifully supported we truly are.  When we stop forcing and striving and efforting and simply allow the energies of The Universe to guide us and move through our lives, we start to experience the beauty of soul-aligned action.  Our thoughts, actions and creativity come from an inspired, aligned place of love, wisdom and clarity.  We feel in alignment, in the flow, no more at odds with ourselves or with others, we feel deep connection with our true authentic selves, with each other, with nature and with The Cosmos.


I am looking outside the window at a tree right now – just chilling out, doing its thing, no schedule, aligned with the season, nowhere to be, no deadline, allowing the breeze to move through its branches, leaves moving as they are blown about, no resistance.


I get to watch this at play in my own life and the lives of my clients and it is amazing to witness!  The Universe has wondrous things in store for us – we just need to get out of the driver’s seat and allow it to work its magic.  And this means stepping back from all of our hyper-masculine ways of being and doing.  Allowing more of our feminine qualities to dance through our lives, opening to our intuition, allowing for more of our emotional experience, listening to our bodies, allowing for downtime, being receptive, opening to our creative process, clearing our calendar, letting go of all of the shoulds, have-to’s, and musts, listening to nature and allowing it to guide us.


Release, allow, let go, flow. 

Release, allow, let go, flow. 

Release, allow, let go, flow.


Our new mantra!


Here is where I get to share one of my favorite wisdom tools with you – astrology!   Part of the reason I so adore astrology is that it supports us so beautifully by letting us know what energies are prevalent in our experience and how to best work with them.  As I was experiencing so many interesting and challenging energies last week, it was super beneficial to learn of the extremely intense solar flares that have been occurring as of late, sending powerful solar energies onto the planet causing all sorts of interesting experiences for us.  Body aches and pains (check!), feeling exhausted (check!), emotional intensity (check!), insomnia, feeling super hungry or not hungry at all, technology issues, internet connection challenges (check!), and so much more.  Our planet, our dear Mother Earth, is going through huge upgrades Herself, which is profoundly affecting us.  The Schumann Resonance is shifting big time and the geomagnetic field is also quite affected by all of the solar energy coming onto the planet.  As we know, because I talk about it plenty(!) – everything is energy – everything is vibration and frequency.  And when something as large as our planet is shifting in such a drastic way, we are all going to be feeling it!  And we will be doing our own shifting accordingly – ready or not.  The evolution is happening.  Our frequencies are elevating.  They can’t not elevate given the current circumstances in our galaxy. 

How about you - how have you been feeling lately? How has this been showing up in your life?


With this elevation, many of us will be feeling it in our bodies, minds, spirits.  I am so excited to be sharing this podcast with you, from one of my favorite astrologers, to support you during this process.  Like G.I. Joe said, “Knowing is half the battle!”  Not that everything needs to be a battle, mind you, but I have just always loved that quote!  This woman shares from more of a global and galactic level and I have found it to be super helpful in supporting how I navigate all that we are moving through.  Each astrologer has their own unique take on the energies, which I find to be so refreshing.  If she doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to explore other astrologers to start learning more about how the current global and planetary energies are at play in your life.


Okay – I think that feels like it for now.  Not sure how concise this post is, but I am just going with it and being in the flow.  I’ve been going through some very major energetic and spiritual shifts over the past week or two and things definitely don’t feel like they are moving in a very linear fashion, but that is okay!  Again, we need to move out of trying too hard to force ourselves into little pre-made boxes so that we are more palatable for others.  It is okay to be a bit ramble-y at times and just move through our process.  Allowing and flowing.  Mostly – I just so love to write to you all and am just so grateful for your presence.  Thank you for being here and do please feel free to share any comments below.  I would love to hear how you are working with this energy and with our evolution.  And let me know what you think of the podcast if you listen.  This is some powerful energy we are being affected by!  Our Sun is super active and definitely in support of our evolution.  Super exciting!


Oh – that reminds me of something else I wanted to point out.  The Sun (the huge masculine energy in our experience) and The Earth (the huge feminine energy in our experience) are both going through major shifts and evolution right now.  What do you think that means for us…?  Such a gorgeous time to be alive on this planet right now!  And there’s that feminine/masculine polarity again.  This is the beauty of understanding how energy and our reality functions – and the importance of intentionally working with and harnessing these energies in support of raising our consciousness.  This is what authentic Tantra is all about.  Once you start understanding these basic principles of feminine and masculine energy, you start to see it everywhere, you start to understand how it is at play in your own life, you start playing more intentionally with the energies, and you start gaining so much more mastery over your lived experience of this reality.  Seriously powerful stuff!  It has been just such a huge game-changer for me and it is such a passion of mine to share it with others.


As always, you know where to find me if you would like support or guidance through all of this and are interested in a diving deeper into any of this.  This is a powerful time to be very consciously navigating these shifts and energies.  Empowered Masculine Energy Restoration sessions would be extremely beneficial right now to support the release of all the denser, low-vibe energies that are ready to go in order to allow in more of the high-vibe frequencies and energies.  This super-speeds up our ascension process!  Feel free to reach out if you feel called to this.


It is also a great time to be practicing the breath work practices I shared a few posts back.  These seriously support the movement of energy as well and support regulating the nervous system, which can get a bit whacked-out with all of the big energy shifts we are moving through.  Breathe, breathe, breathe.  Relax, relax, relax.  Allow for plenty of downtime.  Drink plenty of water.  Don’t force yourself to do, do, do.  The most productive thing you can ‘do’ right now is relax and not do!


In my “not doing” this past week, I quite effortlessly found myself on my laptop creating the website for our upcoming Empowered Masculine Sacred Sexuality Pilgrimage to India.  I think it is pretty much complete at this point, so stay tuned for the big reveal coming soon!  And that is the funny thing about playing more intentionally with the energy and simply allowing it to flow, without forcing it into preconceived notions of what needs to get done – like a blog post.  In letting go of that, it opened up my energy to flow towards something else that I was passionate about creating – a new website to support us all in our journey.  This is the beauty of letting go!  In letting go, everything gets done!  A beautiful and powerful practice. 


Okay dear beloveds, I am going to wrap this up for real this time!  Sending so much to you on your journey and thank you again so much for being here - so very grateful for it!


XoXo ~ Star

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