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August is Going to be HOT!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Oooo! Super excited to be sharing this one! For those of you that are following along on this sexy adventure, you may recall that a few months back I discovered a number of sexy, erotic, educational classes offered by SheBop, a local female-run sex toy boutique. SheBop is a classy establishment that I highly recommend checking out if you’ve not done so – or better yet, we could go together. Mmmm. Yes, I love the idea of that! We could go pick out a few fun items, then rendezvous back at my place to play with our new toys! Sounds like the perfect date to me. I do believe I need to add that to my list of sensual encounters. Beautiful! And I am also fairly close to a Fantasy For Adults Only. Yay options! Seriously so much fun to be had with each other. I heart this adventure!

So, where were we? I get so easily distracted when I sit down to share with you all!


My mind starts running away with all sorts of sexy fantasies and imaginings.


I’m not really complaining about that though! This is part of why I love writing to you all – so stimulating on multiple levels.

Okay, so back to the topic at hand – SheBop classes. I am on their email list so I get notifications of all their upcoming events. I discoverd early on that their classes fill up fairly quickly, so I learned that I need to sign up sooner rather than later – so I did. There were quite a few very enticing offerings being offered in this latest batch and it was feeling difficult to narrow it down. And seeing how I’ve never really resonated too well with moderation and I hate limiting myself, I decided, in typical Scorpio fashion:


Fuck it! I’m want them all.


I am very pleased to announce that I have enrolled in the following classes for the month of August:

  • F*#% My Filthy Mouth: Your Guide to Sexting & Dirty Talk (seriously excited about this one!)

  • Mapping the Vulva: Licking, Touching, Teasing, & Talking (what more can I say?!)

  • Authentic Kink with Princess Kali (wow!)

  • Back That Ass Up!: Anal Sex 101 (little giggle)


Wow – I do believe I am actually blushing a little bit just typing those out. Is it hot in here or…?


Too much! I don’t know if you read my last blog post where I discussed my tendency to be a bit shy with some things – well, here is one of those moments. For reals! As curious as I am about all of these activities, I am definitely feeling a bit intimidated. Luckily my curiosity is stronger than my shyness! Mostly I am feeling pretty excited about all of this exploration. I’m so looking forward to sharing all that I learn. You’ll just have to be patient with me as I may still be a bit trepidatious as I start playing with all of this.


Oooo…so sexy to be typing this out as I think of you all and the sensual, erotic adventures that lie ahead.


That brings me to another titillating date idea – how hot would it be to take one of these classes together, then journey back to my place to try out our new skills with each other…? So sexy!

If that appeals to you, you might want to get on their email list and watch for upcoming events that speak to you. I would love to incorporate it into our date time. This could seriously be epic.

So stay tuned everybody! This is getting good and August is indeed going to be the hottest month of the year! Are you ready...?

Xoxo ~ Star

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