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Communication is STILL Sexy!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hello again everybody! Some time ago I wrote a post titled “Communication is Sexy!” It highlighted the importance in communication when connecting with another for a sensual encounter. Too often we hope or expect that our partner will just know what we want and will be able to please us in mind-boggling fashion without ever having to say a word as to what we like or how we like to be touched. And all too often this leads to frustration, lack of said mind being blown, and an all-around less than satisfying experience for all parties involved. It is important to know what you like and how you like to be touched – and to then be able to communicate that to your partner. And equally important is to know how to ask your partner what they enjoy and how they like to be touched.


Having skills to facilitate this type of communication is paramount in fostering the amazing sensual experiences you long for.


The topic of communication has come up in seriously all of the phone conversations I have been having (apparently we all struggle with this one!), so I wanted to address it here again and remind you of the post I wrote previously discussing this very thing! And I wanted to provide you with a resource that I found beneficial (and will be revisiting this week!). I love how The Universe works and just as I was contemplating communication, I received an email from Stella Harris, the sex coach I met with some months back, and wouldn’t you know it – she is offering a communication course online this week. Awesome! I believe it is actually tomorrow evening, which I realize is a bit short notice, but I figured even if you can’t make it to this one, you can get on her mailing list or watch her website to see when another course is being offered.


She also offers courses on kink, BDSM, oral delights, masturbation, and other tantalizing topics that might strike your fancy. So, if this is of interest to you, check out the link to her site, and follow your passion!


I believe I will be taking a refresher on this one as I think it is always important to brush up on our communication skills. I am curious if what Stella teaches will help to address the actual communication issue that came up during my phone conversations, which was more along the lines of how to open up communication surrounding differing levels of desire for physical intimacy in long-term relationships. As discussed in a previous post, it is not uncommon for levels of interest to change as time goes on in a marriage (or perhaps the levels of interest never matched).


How does one start the conversation with their spouse about trying to re-engage in sexual connection after years of disconnect – how does one open up that conversation when defenses might be high due to that long history of disconnect? How does one go about getting their needs met when both parties are not on the same page with what they need and desire?


It all needs to start with communication – and that can be challenging to say the very least. I don’t know if this course with Stella will help answer these questions, but it is worth a try and, like I said, it is always beneficial to revisit communication skills.

Well, I was going to say that I would report back to you with what I learned from the course, but it looks like it is full. Dang it. That is what I get for trying to post this on such short notice. Apologies for that one! Still, you can check out the link to see the description and to check out other upcoming courses and get on her mailing list. And again, check out my earlier blog post about communication. It is also very helpful and inspiring! I’ll keep watching for ways to learn more about communication. Stay tuned dear readers!

Sending much love and light to you!

Xo ~ Star

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