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Just Say Yes to Sex Clubs!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Many of you may have noticed that I recently added a very sexy adventure to my Encounters page - an evening excursion at Portland's sexiest sex club, Club Privata. I actually had not been there since it was Club Sesso, but I was excited to check them out under their new ownership and to continue the sensual explorations I had enjoyed in the past. I had such a lovely time at Club Sesso when I was there previously and was excited to get back into that deliciously sensual atmosphere. I am extremely happy to report that I finally had the opportunity to do that with one of my very lovely gentlemen friends this past week. And wow! What a fucking hot evening. Many of you know how much I adore dressing up in sexy lingerie and six inch heels, but what you may not know is that I adore being watched.


There is something so erotic for me knowing that eyes are watching me, taking in my body, fantasizing about touching it, fantasizing about being the one that I am touching and licking and sucking and fucking.


I get so turned on, so aroused, so totally consumed by what I am doing – and in a much more expansive way. The experience takes on multiple dimensions when you add in that extra element of another person watching. It takes me to really sexy realms and possibilities. Even when it's something as simple as kissing and making out or writhing on my clothed partner in the dining just gets so fucking hot with other people around. And especially when some of those other people are hot sexy bare breasted women dancing and swaying sensual to the heavy beats and rhythm of the music oozing out of the speakers. Mmmm…


And it feels so very empowering – embracing our sexuality and stepping more fully into it. Totally rocking sexual expression.


We went on a Thursday night, which tends to be a fair bit more mellow than Friday and Saturday evenings of course. That actually ended up being pretty nice as we were able to ease into our surroundings and it gave us free reign over most of the areas we wanted to explore – the stripper pole was completely available for me to give my partner a very personal strip tease and ultra-close-up lap dance on the adjacent plush black leather sofa – providing a super sexy little show for a few curious on-lookers.


I was rocking a very strappy, intricate black satin embroidered garter and stocking set with matching peekaboo bra that sexily displayed my very hard and sensitive nipples.


Powerful attire. It was seriously hot and got quite a few appreciative looks and some nice compliments. Sooo nice.

Then it was time to test out one of the private rooms. They have a number of different play areas on three different floors of the building: dance floor and dining area with buffet, stripper pole area (as previously described), orgy area, the “fish bowl” (a room with a view so to speak – large windows with a sofa outside so you can get comfy while watching the action unfold inside the room – LOVE THIS!), a number of open bed spaces on the third floor (which we actually didn’t get to see because the third floor wasn’t open that night), and a number of private rooms on both the first and second floors. We decided to test out a room on the second floor to start. It all felt very clean and the bed was quite comfortable. Low lighting set the mood beautifully.

We were both so turned on by all of the sensual energy of the place and things got pretty passionate pretty quickly. Like OMG.


I felt like I was just dripping with sexuality. It was so carnal. So erotic. I felt like I could barely get enough of my partner.


The hypnotic pulse of the music intensified the sensations – everything felt so alive, so lust-filled. At one point we could hear the spanks and passionate moaning of our neighbors in the next room over, increasing the eroticism of the moment. Fuck yes. I mean seriously. This is just too damn HOT. I totally feed off of this energy. Sooo much.

After exhausting ourselves in our room, we cleaned ourselves up and ventured back out into the common areas to see that more people had arrived. It definitely gets busier as the night progresses. We refreshed ourselves with some water and fed each other fresh fruits pieces in the dining room while watching a beautiful busty blonde dance topless in the cage on the dance floor – a few different gentlemen enjoying her show and getting some firsthand experience of her lovely breasts. She clearly enjoyed having them touched and teased. Such a turn-on to watch this. I absolutely love the freedom to watch people here. We are so used to averting our eyes and trying not to get caught looking at people. Here people WANT to be watched and looked at. That is a huge part of why they are here and it turns them on. Yes! So I partook all that I could and attempted to get my fill of eye candy. So beautiful.


Sexy scenes unfolding all over the place. People embracing their sexuality and self-expression.


Feels so free. So right. No shame. Loving this!

We headed back up to the second floor and as we were playing with each other on a different plush black sofa, we at one point noticed that a new couple had arrived. The woman was beautiful with dark hair and dressed in a revealing black one piece number with very low plunging v-line neckline. You couldn’t quite see her breasts, but the view was lovely and the tease was exquisite. She was leaning up against a wall, arms outstretched, palms upright, with a tall glass sitting on top of the palms of each hand. Her partner was probably about five feet from her using a long thin whip to deliver sweet little licks between her legs – a pleasure/pain sensation that she seemed to be absolutely relishing – all while being certain to keep the two glasses upright in the palm of her hands. She was to remain as still as possible while receiving the licks from this whip to her most sensitive area. This was quite a sight to behold and had me rather intrigued – and quite mesmerized.

It may have been shortly after this point where we decided to go check out another private room – this time we headed for the first floor. I won’t get into all the details, but suffice it to say that this room, much the same as the first, worked quite nicely for us and a delicious time was had.

Not long after, my partner and I were sitting at the bar area that is right next to the orgy bed, allowing the perfect place to watch the action and, what do you know, here comes that same couple. This time they are doing something interesting with electricity.


This time she is almost naked, aside from the most gorgeous tiny black panties.


I don’t know exactly what he is doing, but it is clear there is electricity involved and she has some sort of collar on that I think is stimulating it somehow. This is all new to me, so I’m not sure exactly how to explain it. Again though, I am mesmerized. She is writhing around on the bed and arching her back to expose her sweet little breasts in the most erotic way – and I am sooo turned on by this. It was really damn hot!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the super sexy threesome (it was ‘threesome night’ after all!) that we got to watch in the ‘fish bowl’ while settled rather comfortably into, yes, you guessed it – another plush black sofa. Prime seating for watching a very hot encounter involving a beautiful black man, a gorgeous black woman, and lovely white woman. Live porn! Fuck yes! And that reminds me – there were large television screens on each floor playing interracial porn movies to seriously spice up the environment. Such a sexy place to be.


The entire night I was continuously aware of how beautiful it feels to have this level of sexual freedom – to be able to embrace desire, embrace expression, and appreciate others in their sexual expression.


It was truly intoxicating to be in that energy. And just such a turn on. I was definitely elevated to higher levels of passion and eroticism being surrounded by all this sexy and it was so hot to be able to share and express that with my partner. I highly recommend checking it out if you have any curiosity about it at all and if what I’m sharing here speaks to you. Again, this is one of those experiences that simply must be had at least once in our lifetimes – just to see what is possible and to know that there are places out there where our sexuality is celebrated rather than shamed and shunned. I came away from there feeling so sexy and so much more empowered in my sexuality and sensual expression. I can hardly wait to get back there. I really felt quite at home!

And just a couple of little side notes: the staff was super nice, the place was super clean and classy, and there was a good deal of diversity in regards to both race and age range. Fuck yes! Nice going Club Privata! Feels like a welcoming environment for all.

Ready when you are – let’s get our sexy on!

XoXo ~ Star

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Unknown member
Aug 18, 2019

That sounds totally amazing. Take me there too!

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